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{{Proud To Be Called Mommy}}

7 August 1986
Live Oak
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..:Elizabeth.Marie.McGraw ::..

I’m 21 Years Old

I Live For My ♥ Husband (&) Daughter ♥

My Daughter Mackenzie Paige McGraw was Born On 12/23/06 @ 6:02 p.m. In Gainesville @ North FL Regional She Was 8lbs 2oz And Measured 19" Long!♥ I Love Her More Than Anything ♥

I Just Got Married On September 22 To My Husband Jason || We Went To ♥Tennessee♥ For Our Honeymoon & Loved Every Bit Of It

I Love To Laugh & Have A Good Time

[I Absolutely Love My Friends : I Really Couldn’t Ask For Better Friends] ♥
[MaL // Ashley // Lil’ T // Heather C. // Danielle // JJ // Liza // Stephen // Shaun // Jessie // Kristian // Parker // Will Keel // Danni // Britt // Ashley C. // And
That’s Just To Name A Few~ ♥ ]]

I Have A Few Truly Amazing
Friends :: All Of My Friends Are Great
:: But Some Of Them Out-Do Themselves More Than Others!

At The Same Time I Have Made My Share Of Mistakes When It Came To Friends. I Have Hurt People That Meant A lot To Me. I Have Also Lost Some Really Good Friends Because I Did Something Stupid And I Regret It Everyday. Not Only Did I Lose Their Trust But Also Their Friendship Completely. I’ll Never Be Able To Tell Them How Truly Sorry I Am.

I Absolutely HATED.r.a.m.a.|| If You Got [D.r.a.m.a] Keep It To Your Self! -Don't Drag Everyone In It With You!

I Belive People [Change] |&| Everyone Most People Deserve A Second [Chance]

I Have A Bad Temper So Don’t
Get In My Way Or Piss Me Off

I Hate People Who Play Silly Little Games - Grow Up!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I Tend To Be A Little Jealous When It Comes To My Husband || But Its Because I ♥ Him More Than Anything [Except My Daughter]Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI May Seem Quiet Sometimes : But Trust Me I Can Get LOUD And Crazy With The Best Of ‘Em And Wont Be Afraid To Tell You What I Think!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


I Tend To Hold Grudges And Don’t Get Over Them Easily [But Im Workin On That]

I Hate Cheaters || Liars || Back-Stabbers || Conformists & Two-Faced People~ As Long As This Doesnt Apply To You We'll Get Along GREAT</i></b></font>

I Absolutely Love My Family

PINK Is My Favorite Color Ever </font>

I Love My New Burgandy 2007 Mercury Montego || Although Here Pretty Soon I Hope To Have My Big Truck / Bad Truck [Haha *Kristian*]

Vanilla Rum & Pepsi | Black Cherry Rum & Pepsi | & Miller Chill Are My Favorite [Alcoholic Beverages]

I Absolutely Glittery Stuff

I Have Too Many Pairs Of Shoes || But I Hardly Ever Wear Any Except My ♥Flip-Flops♥

I Have Learned To Love My Curly Brown Hair [With Highlights] ♥

I Am Completely ADDICTED
To Midnight Pomegranate From Bath & Body Works

I Am Also Addicted To Candles♥

I Love Country Music

I Spend Entirely Too Much Time On My Computer!

I May Seem Like A Girlie Girl :: But I Love Riding 4-Wheelers & Playing In The Mud

I Love Being Able To P-A-R-T-Y With My Friends Every Now & Then

I Don’t Try To Be Who I’m NOT

I Try To Be Early Wherever I Go :: Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Work

I Love The Fall :: Its My Favorite Time Of Year

The Most Important Things In My Life Now Are My HUSBAND ||&|| My DAUGHTER // I'm Sure If You're Married Or Have Kids You Know What I Mean // If You Don't You Couldn't Possibly Know What It Means |!|

So You Can Take It Or Leave It This Is ME This Is Who I AM ♥

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